Food lovers can easily find something great to enjoy in McAllen Texas, no matter what kind of food their taste buds like most. Finding an FHA lender in McAllen can stir up that hunger, we’re looking at a few of the top spots to eat in the city to inspire your next meal out in McAllen.

Costa Messa

costa mesa restaurant mcallen tx

We have to start the list with a Tex-Mex restaurant, since that is what this area of the country is known for. The Mexican-themed menu is huge and inspired. We recommend the Botanas, which are full meals consisting of a meat (beef or chicken), quesadillas, rice, beans, cheese, chips and zucchini. The environment is lovely there as well, with a healthy dose of Mexican culture on display.

Republic of the Rio Grande Grill and Cantina

There’s another type of food that Texas is famous for, as that’s its steaks. An area of the country responsible for more cattle raising than any other puts those cows to good use. You can find some of the finest steaks in the region being served at the Republic of the Rio Grande. Their patio has a flame pit for an incredible ambiance, and they offer fine dining inside the white-walled, mission-style restaurant. They understand that presentation is almost as important as creating great food, and they’ve nailed it on both accounts.

LunchBox on 10th

Chef Marcel has really made McAllen a name to be revered in the world of food lovers. The three-timer certified chef hails from Holland, and he has created a line of entrees that is not pretentious and yet is unmistakably high class. It’s one of several restaurants the master chef has opened up, and this one may be our favorite. Its unique offerings are mostly sandwiches, but what sandwiches they are! These are worthy of the high-class moniker, but easy to be enjoyed by anyone. It’s definitely worth stopping in McAllen just to give this place a visit.

La Pampa

If you are looking for something with an Argentinian flair, then La Pampa has some great steak dishes to try out. They use Black Angus beef that is specially prepared and served with a charcoal taste you won’t find in many other places. This is fine dining at its best, and it’s no wonder the restaurant is typically named near the top of every list citing great eateries in McAllen.


For a more Japanese selection, you can try Kumori, which specializes in sushi. While it takes cues from sushi traditions, it does its own thing in a few ways, giving you a variety of foods you might not get at your typical sushi joint.

J. Row’s Catering

If you would prefer that your food be brought to you, then J. Row’s Catering could be more your speed. This company is known for using only the very best ingredients and offers personalized chef services that will ensure you get just the meal you want.

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